NEW!!! Multi-Protective Anti-Age Facial Cream

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Sun Attitude is a collection of professional sun care products, tailored to the specific needs of face and body skin, to EFFECTIVELY protect and ENJOY the sun in total SAFETY.

Thanks to a perfect combination of physical, chemical and biological filters, Sun Attitude provides a Broad Spectrum protection against UVB-UVA- VISIBLE-IR- HEV (BLUE LIGHT) + ANTIPOLLUTION + ANTIAGE.

Sun Attitude textures are light for an easy and comfortable application, and invisible protection.

Sun Attitude is your best ally for a SAFE, iNTENSE, EVEN and LONG LASTING TAN.

Sun Attitude : FEEL the warmth of the SUN on your skin SAFELY.

Multi-protective Anti-age Facial Cream

SPF 50 / SPF 30



Effective facial cream with SPF 50 and SPF 30 that offers a broad-spectrum global protection against UVB-UVA-VISIBLE- INFRARED-HEV (blue light) and pollution, as well as bio-protection to prevent and repair photo-induced aging.

Water and sweat resistant, its ultralight, immediate absorption, invisible finish and dry touch (“dry touch) texture, extends evenly, even on wet skin, for effective protection, without leaving traces. For all skin types, including oily skin.

Its innovative formula with a natural multi- active booster (Arabian Cotton PRCF) and active encapsulated protecting actives (SunCat MTA) provides global protection with a broad-spectrum sunscreen against solar radiation (Uv / vIS / IR) and BIO- protection against photo –induced aging. With polypeptides that act as anti-aging, energizing, stimulating and repairing agents. With wrinkle filling effect, they reduce the depth and length of expression lines and provide extra luminosity.

With Niacinamide that protects the skin and acts as a shield against daily aggressions, caused by free radicals, blue light and pollution, and hyaluronic acid that restores skin lipid balance and deeply moisturizes it.

Key ingredients:

SUNCAT MTA: new encapsulated solar protection system that incorporates 3 filters to provide broad spectrum UvA + UvB effective protection, evenly, with a comfortable and refreshing touch.

VITAMINE E: Tocopherol: acts as a biological filter, antioxidant and repair agent.

NIACINAMIDE PC: niacinamide (vitamin B3) is a very stable vitamin which offers a wide range of well-documented topical benefits. Niacinamide stimulates ATP production and has a central role in dnA repair and skin homeostasis. Uv and blue light-stressed Skin Care: Helps protect from uV and blue light damage for beautiful and healthy skin; reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles; improves the elasticity of the skin; rebalances uneven skin tone; reduces discoloration. Pollution care: protects against damage from urban pollutants for beautiful and healthy skin. Blemish Care: blemish-free, shine-free, refined skin appearance.

• HYALURONIC ACID: thanks to its low molecular weight; it is able to penetrate deep inside the skin. It accelerates extracellular matrix macromolecules synthesis, improving elasticity and skin water retention capacity.

• OXYLASTILTM PH POLYPEPTIDES: it acts as an anti-aging, energizing, stimulating and repairing agent. it provides cell oxygenation for an anti-aging efficacy, by producing new collagen. With wrinkle filling effect, thus reduces expression lines ́ depth and length. It provides extra radiance.

• ARABIAN COTTON PRCF: natural multi-active booster developed with the exclusive Plant Cell Biofactories TM technology, benefits from molecular synergy to extract the greatest power from plants and obtain the plasma rich in Cell Factors TM to provide global protection with broad spectrum photoprotection against solar radiation (Uv / vIS / IR) and BIO-protection against photo-induced aging. With antioxidant, photoprotective, photorepairing, regenerating and soothing action.

• PHYSAVIE®: physalis angulata plant extract with a powerful action against photo-aging, caused by the increase in temperature (thermal aging). By keeping skin temperature constant, it protects skin against damage caused by heat during sun exposure. In addition, it provides excellent protection against infrared and visible light. It also stimulates skin’s natural antioxidant defenses and fights free radicals by activating extracellular matrix production and recovering skin barrier.


Facial sun care that combines a broad- spectrum sunscreen with an active tanning enhancer for a global and effective protection. Fights photoaging and prevents damage caused by solar radiation for a longer lasting golden and perfectly maintained skin.

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