"Modeling Body System" Localized Fat Treatment (eng)

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treatment is based on activating fat burning mechanisms of adipose tissue.
This treatment acts on the three types of adipocytes, white, brown and beige, and also on the main factors involved in the 
formation of cellulite and adiposity.

1. Activates cell metabolism (selectively on thermogenesis and energy accumulation in white adipocytes)

2. Regulates hormone stimulators

3. Stabilizes the interstitial fluid

4. Tones up muscles modeling the silhouette


Sedentary life, unbalanced diets and stress among other factors, produces an excess of accumulation of fatty tissue. Adipose subcutaneous tissue is formed by the association of cells that accumulates lipids in its citoplasma: adypocites. Recent studies have proven that we can find in the human body 3 types of adypocites: white, brown and beige.

Fat located in any body area such as the abdomen, waist, hips or back, which cause an increase in body volume, the alteration of elasticity and firmness in tissues and the loss of beautiful body shape and appearance.


Specific work estetic system that requires a good diagnosis, to highlight the most effective treatment.

RECOMMENDED TREATMENT: minimum 10 sessions, to be repeated depending on the severity of unaesthetisms.

DURATION: 60 minutes, two sessions per week.

10 sessions / 60 minutes.

Results-Increase in hydration and skin elasticity.
-Significant increase in tissue tone and firmness, for a smoother skin.
-Reduction of localized fat, body contour modeling.
-Extra softness and comfort.
-More compact and restructured tissue, by increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
-Remodeled silhouette.


Body cleansing: spray twice Deepclean Purifying Lotion on the areas with localized adiposity; with gentle circular movements, emulsify impurities and skin leftovers. Remove with warm water.


After cleansing, apply Peelfit Mineral Exfoliator to wet skin and perform a circular massage exfoliation, to remove dead cells. Rinse with warm water. Dry off.


Smooth 2 pumps Pre-Active Activator Fluid  on the area with localized adiposity and gently massage till absorption.


Apply 10 ml. of Firming Shock Concentrate, localized on the area to be treated. Gently massage until absorbed.


Perform firming and toning Firming  K Massage with Activefit Modeling Cream.


Apply a thin layer of Activefit Modeling Cream on the area to be treated and cover it with gauze.


Prepare the mask Vulcano Mask Thermo Mineral with 300 grs. mask powder (11 flat cups), add 5 ml. Firming Shock Concentrate, plus 160 ml. of water (maximum at 20ºC); mix until a homogenous and smooth paste, and apply manually (with single use disposable gloves ) to model the area. Leave on 20 minutes, after 5 minutes you can cover the client.  Then  take it off in one piece (as a mold). Remove mask leftovers with warm water.
Dry off.


Quick application of the Activefit Modeling Cream.


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