"Rege-White" Treatment Hyperpigmentation Intensive (Level III) ENG

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Low production of essential fats, dehydration, dryness, gravidarum chloasma, senile spots. Irregular skin background, imbalanced epidermal immune system with skin irritations. Aging photo induced with cutaneous wrinkles. Pregnancy - Menopause.

4-6 sesions / 60 minutes 


- Protecting anti-oxidative skin function restoration.

- Inmmunitary defence system reinforcement.

- Inhibition of stimulating melanocyte hormone (msh).

- Skin thickness reduction.

- Melanocyte regulation, dissagregating oxidate melanine from tissues.

- Hydrolipidic reserve recovery.


Remove make-up and / or skin secretions from eyes and lips using Premier Eye Make-up Remover. ( 5 ml.)


Clean with Premier Soft Cleansing Gel face, neck and décolleté; Massage for a few minutes and remove with warm water. (2,5 ml.)


Apply Premier Moisturizing Face Tonic with two cotton discs on face, neck and décolleté. (4 ml.)


Perform with Premier Enzymatic Peeling with Yoghourt Proteins. Apply on face, neck and décolleté with a brush and massage, keeping it moist for 5 minutes. (1 sachette  - Pack Monodosis)


Apply Rege White Lightening Serum on located spots with a light penetration massage.  (5 ml - Pack Monodosis)


Apply the content of the ampoule of Rege White Integral on face, neck and décolleté, until its complete absorption. (1 ampoule - Pack Monodosis)


Perform a facial massage with Rege White Regenerative Global Anti-Age Cream(according to professional criteria) on face, neck and décolleté. (10 ml. - Pack Monodosis).


Pour into a bowl, all content on the Peel-Off Mask 7- Depigmenting Mask- ArbutineWith a spatula, mix the content of the sachette with 75 ml. of cold water, until you get a dense paste, apply on face and décolleté and leave for 15 minutes. Remove the mask in one piece. (1 sachette - Pack Monodosis)


Apply Premier Basic Moisturizing Face Tonic with hands on face, neck and décolleté. (4 ml.)


Quick application of the cream Rege-White Total Protection Cream Plus SPF 25+


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